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  • Wout Gryseels

  • Kortrijk, BE

  • +32 493 059 610


Wout Gryseels


  • (+32) 492 059 610


Digital Arts & Entertainment, Howest, Kortrijk

Currently 3th year programmer, looking for an internship.

Computer Science, VUB, Brussel

Followed 2 years of CS before switching to DAE. I started with this course because I wanted to make games so switching to DAE felt right.

Applied ICT, Technical Institute D.B., Halle

Graduated in Applied ICT for secondary school.


Fedustria, Jobstudent, Brussel

Worked at Fedustria for multiple years during summer for a couple of weeks. Tasks ranged from inputting data into excel to moving offices.

Inforcrypt, General IT & Web, Kortrijk

Startup where I did a lot of different IT tasks such as the construction of a website by finding and working together with a web developer, content creation for social media, solving general hardware issues and investigated blockchain technology and automated financial trading bots.

Foods N Drinks, Programmer, Kortrijk

Made a prototype for ordering food in restaurants, bars and festivals to proof that the concept worked. Prototype was a JS android app built with the ionic framework, angularfire and firebase realtime database syncing.

Programming Languages